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Meanwhile, aside from the twists and turns of the saga over the proposed Eastern Oklahoma County Turnpike, there’s movement on some other road projects in the area, such as the proposed  improvements for State Highway 66 in Arcadia and toward Luther.

Since the meeting last month in Arcadia, ODOT Public Information Manager Lisa Shearer-Salim says they have been reviewing public comments and still welcome them even though the official time for public comment is over. She says they are 30-days out before the next step in the process: narrowing the plans. And she assures that comments are read and responded to either on the website, through stakeholder letters or other means. The project is supposed to happen in fiscal year 2018 while Right of Way acquisition could begin as soon as this December.

In Arcadia, there are four options for the section between Division west of the Round Barn to almost where the speed limit changes back to 55 mph on the east side. Salim says engineers worked hard to preserve all historical landmarks and existing businesses while addressing issues of poor pavement, narrow lanes and insufficient drainage.

Here are photos of the four options, but larger files are available through ODOT’s website.





Here is the proposal for the Hiwassee Interchange that looks very creative.


The Indian Meridian proposed exchange saves The Boundary Restaurant.


Read more about the projects and contact information here. 

And there’s word about the long-rumored paving of Luther Road north Waterloo. Could it happen … this time? Word is Right of Way talks are beginning. “Stay tuned” for that story soon.

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  1. We need to stand behind our local businesses and realize that they are not being fair to Lake Stop. They are making concessions for Pops and the round barn and once again taking part of Lake Stop’s real estate while right across the street we have empty buildings? Smells funny to me. Also a bridge has been out in Anderson road for almost a year and they cannot fix that but they can spend all of our money doing this? They need to fix the intersections but I still fail to see the reason for this expenditure.

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