Massive Grass Fire: Dobbs & Forest Hills

IMG_2838Guthrie’s Fire Department led the charge on a 200-acre grass fire that sparked Tuesday afternoon way north of Luther, between Luther Road and Dobbs and Seward and Forest Hills in Logan County.

Neighbors say this was a respark of a fire from Saturday.


Once this equipment, plus the Blackhawk helicopters got on scene to help, the fire got more manageable.
Once this equipment, plus the Blackhawk helicopters got on scene to help, the fire was more manageable.

Mutual aid was provided from many departments including Luther, Agra, Fallis, Orlando, Carney, Langston along with the US Forestry service that brought heavy equipment to cut a fire break along the south edge of the fast moving fire.

Cedars, the fast-burning nemesis in rural areas helped fuel the fire.

There were some evacuations. Some neighbors still stayed and watched from porches and pickups while fire apparati raced up and down the dirt roads. Blackhawk helicopters sucked up water from farm ponds to douse structures and flames.



Interesting to see the day before Turkey hunting season begins. These guys were tame though.


Low humidity, winds whipping at about 30 mph and drought conditions, as we know, are a wicked cocktail for these fires. And tomorrow, we have the same forecast.


By 6:15 pm, firefighters seemed to have a manageable handle on the fire. Still, it’s likely to be a long night for them and neighbors in the area, assessing damage and watching for hotspots.

Winton House


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