Election Upset in Harrah

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By a margin of 22 votes, incumbent Harrah City Councilman Sammy Martin was defeated in Tuesday’s election by Joe Kreke, a candidate who campaigned on his opposition to the Eastern Oklahoma County Turnpike.

On his Facebook page, Kreke said the EOC turnpike could cut through some or all of his family’s land:

“I won’t sit here and say that this is the only issue facing Harrah in the coming years. There are other things to be done, especially if the turnpike plan goes through. If that happens, Harrah will have to shift gears and make the best of the hand we’ve been dealt. I’ve got some ideas to get the citizens of Harrah more involved with local government too,” said Kreke.

Unofficial election results from the Oklahoma State Election Board show Martin received 204 votes, while Kreke garnered 226.


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  1. All of these special interest moguls need to be voted out of office!
    Only the voters can stop this greed in our government. Congratulations and thanks to those brave men and women willing to fight the system for ordinary folks.

  2. We need to vote out of office any official who does not follow his/her constituency’s ideas, plans, etc. In a democracy those voted into office do what the voters want done. Some how this principle has been lost. In Oklahoma today we need to “clean the slate” at 23rd & Lincoln and put in people who have the same values as the voters. The future of this state is sitting in the classrooms, not in more turnpikes. Cutting teacher salaries and allocations to schools is a sure way to doom the future of our children. When my husband was teaching 45 years ago, Oklahoma rated 48th in teacher pay and money allocated to schools. With the “progress” we’ve made, we are still 48th or lower. I didn’t hear of any budget cuts imposed on Drive Forward or the Oklahoma Transportation Authority, but the plan is to spend $600 million on turnpikes at this time when our state government is facing a revenue crisis. It makes no sense!!

  3. Neither of commenters and very few of the readers of this rumor rag even live in Harrah. Conspiracies are real, unfortunately the turnpike isn’t one of them.

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