Capitol Rally to Protest Turnpike

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While Oklahoma lawmakers hash out bills and figure out how to live within the state’s ever-dwindling revenue inside the capitol, the groups fighting the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority’s Eastern Oklahoma Loop will take their protest outside for a rally on March 16.

The rally scheduled during most school’s Spring Break week is designed not only to fight the current turnpike projects, but to protest the existence of the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority itself.

“If you agree that the time is ripe to work together to eliminate a corrupt, quasi-government agency from stealing our land and selling it to nameless, faceless, national and international bond holders, please join us,” said the rally news release.

“Our Capitol rally kicks off our effort to eliminate the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority from furthering their irreparable damage to the State of Oklahoma. We are a group of citizens that wish to end the lack of oversight and fiscally irresponsible actions of the OTA.”

Citizens Opposed to the Eastern Oklahoma County Turnpike
Stop the OTA (SOTA)
RALLY at the Capitol. South steps
10 am – Noon
March 16, 2016

Meantime, OTA’s Driving Forward turnpike program continues forward. Another public hearing is expected to be announced soon to present narrowed routes from the study area pictures.. map



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  1. The OTA should not be allowed to build a turnpike that will NOT fix the I35 overcrowding. They admitted at the last meeting that was the problem. This is another corrupt money scheme to rob people of their homes and land

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