Saturday Prayer Day at First Christian Church

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First ChristianThe Luther First Christian Church is opening its doors all day this Saturday for prayer.
“We need prayer in our community more than ever,” said Pastor Johnny Melton.
He said the congregation will offer several prayer stations on different topics and subjects such as families, our nation and and those who are suffering with things such as addiction, abuse or poverty.
“We must also pray for our enemies, and there will be a station of repentance so we may reflect upon our sins and ask God for forgiveness and healing,” he said.
Pastor Melton said he has wanted to offer a day like this for some time, and with Easter approaching, he said March 5 would be a good opportunity.
“A couple of Sundays ago, I received a phone call from one of our parishioners. I was sitting at my kitchen table going over the message that I had prepared for my sermon that morning when she called. The pain and frustration in her voice when she asked me for prayer struck a spiritual vein in me.  We are a small church and for the past year I have felt that we were under attack. When people that we love are suffering, as Christians we are compelled to react.  I know how that sounds, but that is how I felt.  I decided that enough was enough.  We are a church founded on the power of prayer and I decided it was time to “BRING IT”!!!  And BRING IT we did!!  That morning I didn’t deliver my sermon. Instead, we passed a plate around and asked people to put in a prayer request. After we gathered them up, I asked 3 of our prayer warriors to come to the front and we spent the entire service in prayer.  It was so refreshing to get back to the basics and simply pray and practice what we preach.  The power of the prayers that were delivered were so beautiful and rich with the Holy Spirit that the love of Christ was felt by everyone.  I can always give a sermon, but sometimes instead of listening to the preacher, it is best to open our hearts, get back to the basics, and ask God for guidance, protection, and peace.  After that short hour of prayer, I knew it was time to dedicate an entire day to prayer and that is what we shall do!”
Doors will open at 9am at 415 East First Street at the Luther First Christian Church.

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