Broudy Wins School Board Election

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Steve Broudy, the father of three students in Luther public schools, will take a seat on the Luther School Board. He took 55% of the vote over home school parent and education advocate Jennifer Edmunson in the Feb. 9 election.

Both were first time candidates who brought out an expected 12.5% of the voters in nine precincts across the district that includes parts of Oklahoma, Logan and Lincoln Counties.

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The unofficial election results will be certified no earlier than 5pm on Friday, February 12, by the Oklahoma County Election Board.

Edmunson conceded as the results came in before 9 pm with a gracious message on Facebook.

“Congratulations to Steven Broudy on tonight’s win.

Congratulations to the people of Luther with what was an excellent School Board turnout.

Thank you John Edmunson. You have been fabulous. I could not have done this without you. I can talk in front of a crowd and write all day but you supported me and made all my material look so professional. Thank you. I love you. 

Family. Love you. Thank you. Always. You have always thought I could do anything. Seeing my name on a ballot was so surreal.

Housewives, BSers. You are the best. How do I deserve you? To have such fabulous women have my back, my cup over flows. I love you. Every one of you.

To each and every fabulous person who called, emailed, texted, Facebooked me asking real questions and giving such sweet support. You have been such a silver lining. You have received me with such wholehearted acceptance. Thank you. Thank you for making Luther feel even more like home.

The work is not done. I will continue to dig and do my math. I pray that the new board member will do his own work, will make his own decisions and vote his conscience regardless of what others expect of him.

As always, my goal has been truth and what is the best for the children and teachers of this district. This school belongs not only to those that attend, it belongs to us all. Please be willing to partner with those that do not have children because it will take all of us to fix the serious issues. I pray the entire Board is up to the challenge.

Thank you. It has been an experience,” Jennifer Edmunson’s FB post.

Broudy’s first meeting on the Luther School Board will be Monday, February 15. At that meeting, where officers will be elected, the board is expected to hear, but not vote on, budget cut proposals from a Task Force put together by Superintendent Sheldon Buxton.

On Monday, Dr. Buxton said he had reserved training for the winner of the election with the Oklahoma State School Boards Association.

In Broudy’s Facebook post after Luther’s home basketball games against Lexington, he accepted the challenge of his five-year term.

“Thanks to everyone that voted today in Luther’s school board election. Not just the ones who voted for me. The passion displayed by the election reinforces my decision to run. Thank you Jennifer Winton Edmunson, I hope the desire and intensity you have is infectious. This district needs more people like you. Now the work begins. My goal is to unify the community. We have faced many divisive issues with more to come. As a group with a common goal we can have a successful school system. I have seen and heard a lot of misinformation concerning our schools. I will share what I learn so you will have the facts to make your decisions. I am not naive enough to believe we can make everyone happy. I am not doing this to make anyone happy. I am doing this for our children,” Steve Broudy’s FB post.


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