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Steve Broudy is one of two candidates running for the open seat on the Luther School Board.
Jennifer Edmunson is one of two candidates running for the open seat on the Luther School Board.

Have you seen the signs? Signs for each of the candidates for the Luther School Board have appeared at most of the major intersections, both in town, and in the rural areas of the district that crosses the county line boundaries of Oklahoma, Logan and Lincoln Counties.

Campaign gurus advise that name recognition is goal number one when voters fill out a ballot on election day (or if they vote by absentee ballot).

But campaign gurus don’t necessarily know everything. Informed citizens and savvy voters want information about the candidates and the issues and don’t simply vote for a name based on emotion (we save that for our allegiance to either the Sooners or the Cowboys).

Teddy Roosevelt – 1858-1919, 26th President of the United States
Candidate fliers
Candidate fliers

Jennifer Edmunson and Steve Broudy are making themselves available to meet and greet voters and answer questions. They have or are making appearances at the Senior Tuesday lunches at the Community Center. They are sharing coffee and stopping their shopping carts to answer questions in the aisles of our stores in Luther (unfortunately not at Walmart any more) or in the city. They are making and taking calls, trading emails, monitoring (and ignoring) FaceBook postings, shaking hands at games and events and posting fliers around town. They are working to be elected to a job that pays nothing, requires a five-year commitment and comes at a time when the school district’s financial health is tenuous. Not to mention, running for school board, or town board or any elected position from the very local level on up, requires a lot of self-educating, training and reading. Have you seen the packet of papers each board member has for each meeting and should read before the meeting after they receive it from the Superintendent’s office? And the winner will have to deal with “the hostile public” and the media.

Broudy runs for school board.
Broudy runs for school board.

Broudy is having an informal meeting at the First Christian Church (First & Dogwood) in town on Sunday, January 31, 2016, at 5 pm. He’ll introduce himself and then have a question and answer session. 

Edmunson files for Luther school board.
Edmunson files for Luther school board.

Edmunson is having a meet and greet at Josephine’s Cafe before the Luther v. Wellston basketball games on Tuesday evening, February 2, 2016, from 4 – 7 pm. 

Another avenue for the candidates to get their issues outlined is right here, and you can help. Dear readers, WHAT ARE THE ISSUES IN THIS RACE ACCORDING TO YOU? Would you post your questions, concerns or comments in the comment section below? The Luther Register will compile a questionnaire based on your comments and ask each candidate to answer (quickly). Then we’ll post the results here before the Feb. 9 election. This doesn’t replace a debate, but it will give each candidate as much time and space as they want to communicate their answers.

Sample ballot.
Sample ballot.


Daniel Webster, The Works of Daniel Webster (Boston: Little, Brown, and Company, 1853), Vol. II, p. 108, from remarks made at a public reception by the ladies of Richmond, Virginia, on October 5, 1840.
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  1. Waht is your position on:
    – 4 day school week?
    – year round school?
    – each existing sport?
    – new sports?
    – improving test scores/school rankings?
    – securing campus?
    – healthiness of school lunch?
    – how do we get better with budget cuts?
    – how do you feel about Dr. Button and how will you work with him?

  2. What is the source of Jennifer Edmunson’s awesomeness? I mean, it’s off the charts. She is epic. Her force is SO strong. But, if she is an alien, I don’t think in good conscience I can vote for her.

    Well, then again, I think I could, because she’s just that awesome. I even think I will. Even is she is an alien. I mean, even Yoda has endorsed her. Anyways, please explain.

    Strong is Jennifer with the force. — Yoda

  3. What are the specific plans of both candidates to move Luther Public Schools beyond their current fiscal issues? How will the Board make plans to provide training to the teachers that must now learn the new standards recently developed and approved by the Oklahoma State Department of Education? Will the candidates ensure that the District spends federal tax dollars to supplement state funds and ensure that any program is effective and necessary to assist students that need additional instruction time?

  4. All of these questions are great. I would like to hear answers to them all. Another question I have is where and how are each candidate getting their information. I was told one of the candidates had been utilizing their right to ORR (Open Records Request) information from the school to get up to speed. I was also told another candidate was being filled in by a group of people. However liked both are, and I believe the community respects both, I would like to know if the candidates are doing their due diligence in getting the facts to make these tough decisions for our district. It is very easy to fall into the ‘what he said’ crowd. What is the knowledge they have of this district’s financial problems and do they have their own ideas?

  5. I want to know if they will be willing to stand up to bullies and/or the status quo And I’d like an example of how they might have done that in recently. I want to know if they have a sharp mind for numbers and their experience in this area. I want to know their level of education. I want to know their priorities. I really want to know that when they get a packet for the next school board meeting the will make sure it’s read and understood and that thy are prepared to ask questions even at the risk of looking stupid. But how do you ask that? I am a huge fan of your efforts on this paper on behalf of the citezens of Luther. Thanks.

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