Happy New Year

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Who is ready to put the lid on 2015?

For those of us who have had an excellent year, cheers! May 2016 be even better.

For those of us who slipped, bounced and somehow actually survived 2015, may 2016 be … better.

New year. New chance. New hopes. New dreams. A new year gives us all a chance to wipe the slate –  to do better, be better. Whether it’s pledging to take better care of ourselves, our marriages, our friendships, our faith, our jobs, our communities or our parenting (or being sons and daughters) – here’s a high-five! We got this.

Neil Gaiman is an author. http://www.neilgaiman.com
Neil Gaiman is an author. http://www.neilgaiman.com

Thank you for reading, and giving me a chance to start a newspaper in Luther. A friend posted one of those Facebook rah-rah posts about embracing what scares us and to not be afraid to make mistakes. It occurs to me that launching a newspaper has the potential to rack up the most mistakes I’ve ever made in any job. Although typos, grammar errors and misspellings will make me hide my head in horror and shame, those are really nothing when compared to the real mistakes of not telling a story accurately or fairly. But I think that’s a “good” fear: it will embolden me to not take this opportunity for granted and stick to a high standard. Without trust, I have nothing.

I’ve also realized that starting this newspaper marks my return to my first professional love: journalism.You know, journalists are really just busy-bodies! We like to ask questions and dig up stuff and then blab about it. Most of us have been trained to sharpen our instincts, discernment and writing skills. I’m rusty but am having a blast oiling up the cogs of reporting.

A look ahead:

  • The printed version. Call it paralysis by analysis, but launching a printed newspaper is a wee bit more involved than I thought it would be. Good thing I was naive, because I might not have ever tried. But we are getting there. (If only I could just write stories, attend meetings and interview people; but there’s a business plan, advertising rates, printers to interview and pages to plan).
  • Want to help? Here are a few ways you could chip in …
    • Advertising. One great reason to start a paper for our community is to bring our community together. Would you like to know about local businesses – from a great plumber to insurance agent? Small businesses simply can not afford advertising in the big papers or TV. But a dedicated community newspaper – delivered to every mailbox in Luther (that’s the goal for the first issue) … at an affordable price. Can’t beat it. TO COME: print and online advertising. LOCAL. LOCAL. LOCAL!
    • Puzzle. Are you a puzzle writer or know a puzzle writer? I’d love to talk.
    • Comics. Same. Sure, I could subscribe to a comic syndicate, but what if we have a Luther artist with a knack for humor?
    • Letters to the Editor. Yes, we’ll have them. There WILL BE RULES. But let’s start some conversations. Email me: dawnshelton@lutherregister.news.
    • Pictures. I can’t get to every game, concert, show, fire scene or other happenings about town, send me your news and your pictures!
    • What would you like in your hometown newspaper. Columns, recipes, stories, news, sports, puzzles, opinions, ads … what else? Shoot me your ideas. Jokes. History snippets. Movie or book reviews?


Would love your comments and suggestions.

Happy New Year! As a parting shot, here’s our llama, Tina. Can’t you see a smile?

Happy New Year from Tina!
Happy New Year from Tina!

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  1. Happy New Year! Great article and I must say I love Tina the Llama…Napoleon Dynamite is one of my all time favorites!

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