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poleIn hand-wringing times – what are we to do? When there’s worry, confusion and uncertainly about the future – what to do?

A group of parents, citizens and other fans of the Luther community are asking the community to come together to PRAY.

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A “See You at the Pole” event has been scheduled for Monday, December 14, 2015,  at 7:15 am at the high school.

“This is a call for all Luther Alumni, future Alumni, community, and towns people! Everyone is invited to join us and Brother Derek Monday morning at 7:15 am to gather at the high school so that we can come together for a moment of prayer for our school, school board and kids of LPS,” wrote Shanna Lawson Miller in her Facebook invite for the event. She also invited those not on social media to spread the word hoping for a great turnout.

The School Board meets Monday night with a full agenda to consider several serious items – from moving to a four day school week to appointing an interim high school principal. Budget concerns are at the forefront as the district faces state funding cuts due to Oklahoma’s reliance on the oil and gas industry that has fallen, and other spending issues.

Directions for the prayer event include parking at the south end of the auditorium and walking to the school prayer gathering to keep the parking lot open for students’ arrival to school.

See You at the Pole events started in the US around 1990 and were student-led times of worship, scripture reading and prayer around “the flag pole” during the early morning before the school day begins.



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  1. I ask if you can’t be there to pray with us please stop what your doing at 7:15 on Dec 14th and pray for us. We as a community really need it.

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