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quorumAnother meeting that wasn’t. A Special Meeting for the Town of Luther was called for Monday night. This meeting didn’t even progress as long as the last one that abruptly adjourned after three board members voted to fire the town attorney and acting Mayor Lea Ann Jackson deemed the meeting could not continue without legal representation.

Tonight, only two of five elected Town Board Members showed up by 7 pm; that’s not enough board members to work the agenda.

Town Clerk/Treasurer Laura McCuddy said this is highly unusual to have back-to-back meetings without any town business conducted. She said Board Member Cecelia Taft had indicated she could not attend the special meeting, and Board Member Carolyn Lawson notified her that evening she was not well and could not attend. Board Member Birlene Langley did not attend.

Agenda items included possibly hiring a new attorney, electing a new mayor, setting a budget, paying some town bills and an item by Board Member Ron Henry to consider, discuss and possibly act “regarding the safety of Town Trustees and proper police conduct at Town Meetings.”

Although nearly 100 Luther residents attended the last regular board meeting, only a couple of dozen persons made up of town employees and others attended the short-lived special meeting tonight.


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