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The year Oklahoma became a state in 1907, the town of Luther had enjoyed a newspaper, the Luther Register, for several years. The front page of the Nov. 8, 1907, issue included a story about cotton farmers having a business meeting, the arrest of a hitchhiker who stole $45 from a man in his buggy. There was a story about a new mocking bird whistle at the Arthur & Standish gin that was so loud “should Mr. Roosevelt happen around here, he would want to shoot it for a wild eat.” And for Halloween, “eight girls had a ghost party at the home of Mrs. JL Seeds and did everything the Ladies Home Journal tells you to do on this night.” The boys tarred storefronts and switched around signs.

The times, they have changed. The Luther Register served the citizens of Luther more than a century ago with local and national news and advertisements for local businesses and others selling the “latest remedy” for aches and pains.

nov1909It’s time for the Luther Register to live again. Follow it here at where we’ll post news  – from the school board to the town board, scores and pictures from athletic activities, new businesses coming and all the other interesting things. AND look for a printed version soon (as soon as we can!). If you are interested in advertising contact Use the same email address if you’d like to submit photos or story ideas!

If you are a fellow history buff, check out the Oklahoma Historical Society’s collection of the Luther Register.


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