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August 22, 2018


Turnpike Land

The turnpike work is good for some in Luther. The lunch spots get a rush from the crews and Steve’s Hardware is getting some business. The crews working to build the Eastern Oklahoma County Corridor south of town are marching south from where it connects at the Turner Turnpike between 178th and 164th Streets, criss-crossing

Turnpike Construction Begins

Two years after the announcement of the controversial Eastern Oklahoma Turnpike, dirt work has quietly begun. There was no fanfare, groundbreaking or ribbon cutting – but the dirt movers are on the scene between 164th and the current Turner Turnpike next to Luther Road. It’s where the $400 million dollar roads begins. It will end

STOP: Lawmaker questions turnpike dependency

In the six months since the controversial Driving Forward turnpike program was unveiled amid fanfare at a  State Capitol event Oct. 29, 2015, barely an elected official has questioned the $600 million program that includes the proposed Eastern Oklahoma Turnpike. Until now. On Thursday, State Rep. Lewis Moore called for a moratorium on all turnpikes in

Let Your Voice Be Heard

Like a true media professional, Daniel Lapham did not let his personal life get in the way of the story. When the preliminary map was revealed for the Eastern Oklahoma County Turnpike last week, he interviewed a handful of neighbors outside of the meeting before he ever went inside to see whether the new high-speed toll

Turnpike Troubles

Trust, power and lifestyle. To oversimplify, the opposition to the Eastern Oklahoma County turnpike project could be boiled down to a few basic issues: trust – or lack of it; power, who has it and why; and lifestyle, rural residents who say they don’t want the expensive road, not in their back yard – not even in their part

Petition started to halt new Turnpike

When Governor Mary Fallin and members of the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority had a State Capitol ceremony back in October 2015 to announce a big deal turnpike expansion program, they probably didn’t have many Eastern Oklahoma County landowners in the audience offering the applause. The $680 million project would expand or build six new toll roads in