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August 19, 2018


LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Rural Internet Blues

Editor’s Note: This contribution comes from Chris who sent in this piece from The New York Times. And brings up a great story to follow for our area.  Dear Editor, This article (click here) from this morning’s New York Times may be of interest. Although it speaks of rural electric coops and most of the Luther

Luther Businesses Meet & Greet

Confession, I was a little freaked out about attending the event that I had been hyping for the last week or so. What if no one came? But I went. And so did FORTY Luther business owners and Luther business supporters. The First Luther Business Meet & Greet was a success with exceptional enthusism, talent

Friends & Tripods

Shout out to my friend Shari! She was either sick of me whining about forgetting to purchase a new tripod for my phone (aka camera) or she was dizzy from watching our hand-held Periscope broadcasts of Luther school board and town board meetings. She surprised me by buying The Luther Register a new tripod that will

Business Directory Reboot

Confession. I don’t know what I’m doing. (Warning – this post is part whine and part lecture and part asking for help!) I know news! I could write it all day everyday. Everything is a story. Everyone has a story! The list of stories to dig into about our neighbors and our town is long, and

ROUNDUP: School Board & Fireworks

First up, The Luther Register is behind. Way behind. Apologies about that. I’m still here, just attending to some business-side issues for the “paper,” (aka online news source) such as turning some revenue. So humbled and excited about recent donation support and new advertisers. Thank you. The support is proving my sweet hubby wrong that this

The Public Spoke, but the board would not hear.

The May 9, 2016, Luther School Board Agenda was posted today. It’s a long agenda, including for the first time in many months, a few items to honor students, staff and faculty along with presentations from the principals. Notably NOT on the agenda is the re-consideration (for the fourth time) of a Four-Day School Week

Rally Recap and Thoughts

The Governor’s office knew they were there, the couple of hundred Eastern Oklahoma County residents holding tightly onto both their signs and their resolve that possibly and hopefully, their noise outside the capitol would be heard inside, all the way to her office. Likely Gov. Mary Fallin did not see the signs nor hear the vitriol in

Layoffs Loom for LPS

NOTE: Edited to emphasize this article is an “opinion” piece.  The Luther School Board Monday night approved a RIF (Reduction In Force) policy for certified teachers and support personnel, but the panel did not put individuals or programs on the public chopping block just yet. Specific cuts of programs and employees are expected to be held during

Turnpike Troubles

Trust, power and lifestyle. To oversimplify, the opposition to the Eastern Oklahoma County turnpike project could be boiled down to a few basic issues: trust – or lack of it; power, who has it and why; and lifestyle, rural residents who say they don’t want the expensive road, not in their back yard – not even in their part

To Vote or Not To Vote

There has been the election here or there that I have missed. But for the most part, I am a voter. I like to read about the candidates and find out what their stand on the issues are (which might be one reason why we started the Luther Register!). Currently I drive 15 miles one way, with ten

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