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August 22, 2018


The Story on Dulce de Donké, #lutherlocal

LUTHER – Donkey milk may be an uncommon drink for most people, but for Walt and Saundra Traywick, it is the answer to their prayers. This is the beginning of the story about a Luther business. Dulce de Donké is getting some media buzz attracting attention from as far away as Switzerland. They’ve been on

Luther Pecan Festival

It’s almost time. The inaugural Luther Pecan Festival is Saturday, November 18, from 10 am – 5 pm, on Main Street. The story of the festival began several months ago as chronicled on the Luther Festival website.  The Luther Pecan Festival was dreamed up one day on Main Street by a group of neighbors, local

Remembering a Superintendent & a Cowboy

“Just call me Sheldon.” If you had ever asked Dr. Sheldon Buxton what you should call him, that’s what he likely would have said. His affable manner made for an easy rapport with the teachers, parents or anyone else who met him. Those who knew the Luther Public School Superintendent have been flooded with remembrances about him after the

Route 66 and Luther

What do you think about the Mother Road? In my spare time (or when I should be doing laundry or selling ads), I’ve been looking up Route 66 groups on the internet –  the travel groups, the history groups and the associations. My interest is to see whether Luther is represented. I also want to

Believe in #lutherlocal

There’s a lot to like about Luther. There’s also a lot to be concerned about. But let’s dwell on the positive. One way to do that is by pointing out just a couple of Luther Register’s data points for the week.  Because it shows that folks like positive and they like Luther. On Monday, we

On the way to vote

I was just trying to go vote. One of the charming things about living in the country, I’ve told myself every election day, is that we “get” to drive 15 miles out of our way, mostly on a dirt road, to our polling place at the Meridian Fire Department in Logan County. It’s a chore, but because

Sheriff’s Race, important for Luther

Hours before the horrible night when Michael Vance allegedly killed two Luther residents, Oklahoma County Sheriff John Whetsel was in Luther, talking about law enforcement, crime, the need for reform in incarceration and mental health treatment. There was even discussion about the audit released before the election. During a late lunch at The Boundary Restaurant, we had a wide-ranging conversation

Can you hear me now?

The Luther Register is about to have a birthday. It’s first one. I know this for a couple of reasons. One is because I’m a sentimental sort. This online venture (definition of venture: a business enterprise involving considerable risk) has been my baby. I’ve stayed up late with it, fed it, bragged about it and wondered what I ever did without it.

Transparency in Local Government

“The invisible government,” wrote Walter Lippman, “is malign.” “What is dangerous about it is that we do not see it, cannot use it, and are compelled to submit to it.” Walter Lippman, A Preface to Politics (1914). That critique of invisible government underlies Oklahoma’s Open Meeting Act, a series of statutes enacted “to encourage and facilitate

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