Limits on Oklahoma Marijuana Licenses

News Release – The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) will stop processing applications for new grower, dispensary and processor licenses for up…

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A Wider Turner Turnpike Coming

A six-lane lighted Turner Turnpike and a new exit at Post Road are part of plans announced today to expand…

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Five Headlines about Luther and the adult prom

When I get ready to post Joe Baxter’s columns every Wednesday, sometimes I get a sinking feeling because I might…

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Disc Golf Yes | Motocross No

The Luther Town Board said yes to a plan to bring a Disc Golf course to Wildhorse Park. They said…

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Girl Boss Galentines Event at Esperanza Ranch

Join us for a brunch gathering of entrepreneurs, small business owners, and those of us dreaming about doing our own…

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Public Hearings: Daycare, Motocross & Air B&B

Signs of growth? Three public hearings are scheduled before the Luther Planning Commission on Monday, Jan. 10, 2022, at 7…

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Pool Table from Luther’s Historic Engels Store for Sale

A living estate sale will feature a pool table from the Engels Dry Goods Store in Luther, an historic building…

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Road work for Route 66, and a planned power outage

Luther, Sept. 18 —A stretch of Route 66 between Luther and Wellston is about to get a resurface and widening…

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How to get your CIRCUS tickets

For one day and one day only, the circus is coming to Luther. Can you picture it? A one-ring circus…

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Getting Inspo from “She Started It”

I’m keeping my straw. It was the first time to see a product from Utopia Plastix in real life. Sharina…

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