Luther High Schoolers Participate in Swap Up Snack Project

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Luther High School joined several schools and other youth organizations on March 22, 2023, for the first ever statewide day of action focusing on youth obesity prevention. It is a program sponsored by the Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust (TSET).

LHS student Cece Roberts said they are working on getting healthier food in schools, especially at lunch.

LHS student Alyhze Mordecai said, “when I eat healthier, I tend to have a little bit more energy and I tend to want to get a lot more things done.”

TSET said one third of Oklahoma children ages 10-17 are overweight or obese. The latest state data shows more than 20 percent of students don’t eat fruit, while more than half don’t eat green salad.

“In the teen years, children are starting to make some of their own decisions on what to eat and drink, so it’s important that we give them the tools to make healthy choices,” said Julie Bisbee, executive director of TSET. “If we encourage teens to make healthy changes now, we can avoid more serious issues like obesity and heart disease in the future.”

Swap Up is an educational campaign funded by TSET, delivering specific and realistic nutrition messages teens can relate to. The goal is to provide impactful behavior change youth can easily incorporate into their daily lives.

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