Luther Police Officer Delivers Chief’s Grandbaby

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Luther, Sept. 10, 2021—In the wee hours of this morning, Luther’s Police Chief became a grandfather again, and he has one of his officers to credit for helping to deliver the sweet healthy baby girl at her home in Luther.

From the LPD’s Facebook post.


As a small town police department we tend to respond to all kinds of calls. Early this morning proved to be a very special one.

Early this morning at approximately 2:54 AM Ofc. Swinton was dispatched … for a 23-year-old female in active labor. What made this even more nerve-racking is this was Chief Leafty’s daughter having the baby. Swinton helped deliver a healthy baby girl on scene and both baby and mom are doing fine. Weighing in at 7lbs 3oz Ocean JewellBelle White.

Special thanks to Luther Fire and Saints EMS for their assistance.


Luther Police Department Facebook Page

So great to hear mom and baby are doing fine! And Officer Swinton too!

Great job LPD and the Luther Fire Department. What a story!

Kimberly K MIller – Attorney
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