Luther Police Chief Resigns

On Friday night on Main Street in Luther, police officers gathered outside the department – a reservist was in training, an interview was about to be conducted on a case, and the new acting police chief was checking on everyone. You could hear cheers from the home football game at the high school where a couple of more officers were posted. It was just a couple of hours after they all had received an email from Tony Walker; their chief for the last three months was calling it quits.

Former Police Chief Tony Walker submitted his resignation to the Town Board and fellow officers on Friday evening. He was appointed chief in May when former chief David Randall abruptly resigned after serving less than two years. Walker was put on paid administrative leave on Wednesday night following an investigation involving payroll timecards.

Tony Walker’s resignation letter. September 13, 2019.

Town officials have not said much about the investigation “regarding an investigation into allegations of falsification of payroll records, and potential litigation.”

photo by Megan Garrett

Walker said, “The board offered for me to stay on as an officer but after discussing things with my family we were worried that the environment wouldn’t be healthy,” he posted as a comment on The Luther Register’s FB post about the issue.

Former Luther Police Chief Tony Walker’s comment on The Luther Register’s post about the investigation.

During the transition, Captain Johnny Leafty is serving as Acting Police Chief. He expressed confidence in the Luther Police Department and its future. He said Walker had been in touch with them and Walker’s future looked positive.

Tony Walker resigned effective September 13, 2010. Captain Johnny Leafty is serving as Acting Chief. Picture from the Town website.

As Friday evening wore on, a locksmith arrived at the police department to change all of the locks. Capt. Leafty said it’s standard procedure after a change in leadership.



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