Tornado Aware: Luther High School Shelter Would Open

The storm shelter at Luther High School will be open to the public in case a tornado warning is issued for our area. Superintendent Barry Gunn said staff discussed this morning to open once a tornado warning is issued. He also said LPS is watching and monitoring to adjust as needed.

“The high school will always be open if needed. Doesn’t matter the day or time of day. It it were to get full, we would open the elementary next,” said Mr. Gunn.

The National Weather Services pinpoints the most serious threat for severe storm in Luther beginning at 1 pm through 4 am. And Luther is included on the east edge of the “high” risk category for tornadoes. Monitor your favorite weather source for the latest information.

Luther Emergency Management Services is also on top of monitoring the weather. Luther Fire Chief John Brown said to monitor the news regularly and do not wait until the last minute to take shelter. “Let someone know when you go in to your shelter and then let them know when you come back out so they can call if they haven’t heard from you after the storm passes.”

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Chief Brown advises to keep phone battery charged and preserve the battery as best as possible.

Luther Police Chief Tony Walker advises everyone to stay indoors when possible and take caution when driving, especially in the high water prone areas in and around Luther.

Luther Emergency Management is monitoring the storms and following the line to assess for damage or people in distress.


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