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August 21, 2018

Hay Fire Contained

Hay baling in July is hard hot work. The pay off comes in winter for the animals when it’s cold. A regular Monday haying on a field on Covell turned dramatic when the hay caught fire. Seems the hay sparked maybe because a bearing was lost on the baler. Flames spread over an acre or two as Luther’s volunteer Fire Department got to the scene between Triple X and Indian Meridian, along with the Luther Police Department.

Police Officer Tony Butler joined Firefighter Mark Wheeler and Fire Chief John Brown to spray water on the flames that crackled in the heat. The team worked swiftly to contain it. And the good news is, the baler was saved from the flames, saving a costly piece of farm equipment.

On the Luther Register’s FB LIVE report on the fire, many community members expressed appreciation for Luther Fire and Police, especially Officer Butler grabbing a fire hose when help was needed. Firefighter Wheeler thanked Butler who commented, “That is what we do, brother. Have each other’s backs and help out. Cross training baptism by fire (literally).”

Wheeler joked their team today was called “Guns and Hoses.”

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“Hay Fire Contained”

  1. Sondra LeGrande
    July 17, 2018 at 11:12 am

    Just love our “small” town! Someone always ready to help!!!

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