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Beth LaFave said the building on Luther’s Main Street that is housing her Beth’s Baubles & Bits store is about 100 years old, “and had 100 years worth of problems too!”

She laughs about the journey she’s been on to get the building in good shape to become a retail shop. Abandoned for years, the building needed a new roof, wiring, some plumbing, a water line, new masonry and new windows. That took just one sentence to write, but took many months of work, waiting and problems to wade through. With her brand new Occupancy Permit from the Town of Luther, she is ready for business.

LaFave says her shop is a “marketplace of memories.” She has her own items to resell including decor, jewelry, books and clothes. And she has booth space available for other vendors.

After stepping through the inviting new entry, shoppers will note the sunny walls inside and admire the exposed woodwork in the ceiling that Beth didn’t want to recover, so she painstakingly stained.

Look for her to do a soft open until her Grand Opening is announced in mid-July. Beth’s Baubles & Bits joins a growing number of retailers in Luther for residents and visitors to enjoy.



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