Parks Commish Opening & Meeting

The Luther Parks Commission meets Thursday evening for a regular meeting. The commission members were appointed and go to work just about three months ago and had their first event last weekend with the townwide Trunk or Treat.

On the agenda is a look at events for the rest of the year and next year. Luther Police Sgt Mike Oliver is on the commission and will present an idea for an upcoming event, according to the agenda.

The group is also pursuing a grant with TSET, the tobacco settlement trust, that awards money for pursuing healthy lifestyles.

The public is invited to the meeting, particularly if interested in joining the volunteer commission that advises the Board of Trustees, but has no budgetary and governing function. The resignation of Commissioner Jimmi Roach leaves the vacancy.

In her resignation letter, Roach said, “I will continue to work privately to research, learn, and write grants for this town in any way I am able.”

According to Mayor Jenni White, she will name the new parks volunteer at the next regular meeting on November 14 but invites anyone interested in serving to come check it out at the Thursday Parks meeting at 6:30 pm.

The Luther Public Works Authority will meet at 6 pm on Thursday in executive session to discuss the employment of the maintenance supervisor.


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