This is only a drill

When the fire sirens blared along Coffee Creek today, a Luther Fire Department engine and truck was headed to a DRILL not a fire. As part of their education efforts, LFD visited the homeschool co-op, The LAB (Luther Academic Barn). Earlier this month, LFD visited Luther Elementary School and Head Start.

Just before lunchtime, students filed out of classes as the drill alarm sounded. Chief John Brown and Firefighter Fawn Tibbetts presented information to the students about fire safety.

It was a good refresher for anyone, not just the kids.

Hands raised when Tibbetts asked important safety questions:.

  • Does your family have an exit plan at home if there’s a fire? Do you have a designated “meeting spot” outside? Is it important to stay in that spot so your parents know you are safe?
  • Does smoke rise? Yes, so If you have to escape a smoky house, do you remember to crawl?
  • Do you know who to call in case of emergency? When you dial “9-1-1,” can you report what is wrong, and where you are?
  • Do you know your address? (And do you know your passcode to your mom or dad’s cellphone so you can make a call?)
  • Do we play with fire? NO!
  • If your clothes are on fire, what do you do? After the students shouted “STOP, DROP and ROLL,” Chief Brown demonstrated the technique to¬†everyone’s applause.

After the students were allowed to check out the fire engine, we asked Chief Brown if this is the part of the (volunteer) job he likes. His answer was “absolutely.” He said sharing safety and information might help prevent tragedies for medical emergencies or fires that destroy homes or property. But he serves for that part of the job as well.

And maybe the hugs.


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