Then there were four

Four of the eight applicants for Luther Police Chief made it to round two for interviews next Tuesday.

They are:

Chuck Brewer

Ron Lentz

Kyle McDaniel

David Randall.

Although we missed Mr. Randall for the first round introductory article earlier this week, we have connected and Mr. Randall is replying to our questions so readers can read more about him.

(Officers Tony Walker and Tony Butler, spending some off-duty time, as Police Chief applicant Kyle McDaniel toured the pd with Interim Chief Mike Class.)

What do you want to know about the men who want to serve our town as the next police chief? The board wants to hear about the applicants’ fiduciary experience as they have been given the budget to review before heir next interview.

An indication of what the Board might be thinking was evident at Tuesday’s board meeting. The police department’s multiple recent requests to repair vehicles has put the PD over budget. The repairs are needed, so what to do?

The next round of interviews will give each applicant another fifteen minutes to present their ideas, in executive session on Tuesday night.


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