Clean up crew

A local group of home educating students spent part of their Fall Break to serve the Town of Luther.

The group from LAB, Luther Academic Barn, brought rakes, mowers and gloves to take care of the “Veterans’ Park” on the west side of Main Street in downtown Luther. They mowed, trimmed, weeded, swept and did some general spiffing up on Monday afternoon.


A few members of the crew went into Town Hall to vacuum and clean. Brian who works for the Town’s  maintenance department said the crew of volunteers really helped out and laughed when he said, “they are hired!”

As a sidenote, did you know the Town’s maintenance department is made up of two persons who do repair work, monitor and take care of water and sewer and mow at Town properties? Plus they walk to read every water meter in town.

The group said they’ll be back. Many hands make a load light.

Winton House


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