Friday afternoon update

The on switch was flipped in Luther Friday about noon. Town Hall reopened, and before the coffee pot was set, Josephine’s had a full restaurant, with patrons ready for lunch. DJ’s BBQ also quickly opened.

An OG&E spokesperson said that the utility has retained contract crews for line repair ahead of the next wave of storms expected. According to the Noon update from the National Weather Service, we are not likely to have the weather drama of Thursday but we should remain weather aware (as we do!). “Severe storms remain possible today across much of the area with fewer storms today than yesterday. Tornado potential is low. Storms could happen just about any time between now and midnight,” NWS FB’s page.

Tree removal and debris is ongoing in the area. In the back of Town Hall, a portable storage unit was blown across the yard. And if you listen closely, you’ll hear the hum of chainsaws taking care of those downed trees.

Get dinner in Luther tonight or dine Saturday at one of our restaurants, and help our businesses recoup from being forced to close because of the 12-hour power outage. Don’t forget to check the new retail options on Main Street on Saturday at Rustic Farm and Urban 66. What other business needs a¬†shout-out?


Winton House


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