Community Easter Egg Hunt

Community Easter Egg Hunt
Saturday, April 8, 2017
Wildhorse Park

Kids bring your baskets. Parents bring your cameras. And watch the happy mayhem at Noon when the kids go for 3,000 filled eggs at the park. This is a community event near and dear to the hearts of Birlene Langley and Carolyn Lawson. They’ve been filling eggs for days and days to get ready. And they still need egg donations! Wouldn’t it be cool to have all of the eggs donated? Saves the Town money to put toward other things. Many generous Luther neighbors and businesses have contributed eggs, candy, hotwheels and other fun prizes. You can drop your eggs off at Town Hall or the Vape Shop.

Who hides the egg?
The Easter Bunny asksĀ his favorite crew, our Luther Fire Fighters!

Does everyone know where Wildhorse Park, Town Hall and the Vape Shop are located? Of course, we do. It’s our town! #lutherlocal.

See you Saturday at the park!


Winton House


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