Meek Quits as Lions Football Coach

After leading the Luther Lions high school football team to an undefeated regular season last fall, Coach Shawn Meek reportedly today brought his team together and told him he’s leaving the district.

Word is Meek is heading for the 3A Kingfisher Yellowjackets.

And word is the players didn’t take the news so well.

Scott Mitchell said his son was down after school Thursday. “And as his mom and dad, we are stunned and sad,” he said. The Mitchell’s son is a freshman and also happens to be involved in the Design and Fabrication Program in the high school. That program was cut from next year’s budget at a Special School Board meeting Tuesday night to fix overspending and the loss of state funds.

“These losses are demoralizing and we feel it viscerally,” said Mitchell. “The school’s administration needs to rise to the professional level of the teachers.”

School Board member Steve Broudy said he could not confirm the news Thursday night, but his son, also on the team, heard the news and is despondent. Broudy indicated that with the financial upheaval the school is in, the loss of Meek dims a bright spot.

Meek has served as interim high school principal this semester, but reportedly was not interested in applying for the position full-time. Jerry Martin, a former coach, signed a contract this week to start as the new high school principal for 2016-17. He’s currently with Prague schools.

Mitchell complimented both Meek and Mark Dunn, commercial arts instructor, for their programs saying both men instilled confidence in their students, and served as mentors and father-figures. “As parents, we appreciate someone who does that for our kids.”



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  1. This news makes me sad. Coach Meek is a great man, coach, and teacher! I have a lot of respect for him. He is a huge loss to our district. I’m afraid this is just the beginning.

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