High Wind Day Keeps Fire Department on Alert

IMG_7885What a blustery day. Who shot an occasional (or constant) look out the window at the sky looking for smoke, or stepped out to see if you could smell fire? High wind days can be nervous days in the country. The Luther (Volunteer) Fire Department remained on alert and reported no fires late today, but were called out on some downed power lines at on Sorghum Mill (234th) just west of Luther Road between 3 – 4 pm. The lines sparked a very small grass fire after a big tree grabbed the lines when it crashed.

The area is served by CREC who reported an outage of about 1,100 customers in the Luther area. At about 5 pm, CREC reported 441 customers out in Logan County, and 651 in Oklahoma County. (The rest were in Noble and Payne counties). Check their website for outages (if you have power or your data is working on your phone). CREC OUTAGE VIEWER. 

Be aware and safe. And don’t light any fires. AND do NOT go near any downed power lines. Here are more safety tips on downed lines from CREC.

On the scene.
Luther Fire Department responds to down power lines north of town.
Downed power line wiped out power to CREC customers.
On Sorghum Mill Road, just west of Luther Road.
High winds downed power lines north of Luther

On the scene


Winton House


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